First Collection

It is a signal. The one sent by pairing together a human body with a unique porcelain on-body object. Loose in form but strong in message, MISSHAPEN handmade objects may require a body full of open-yet-sure personality. Well. That is the way your signal breaks through the ordinary glamour noise.

When I was a kid, I used to miss lines in coloring books. Missing a moment to leave a club early became my thing later. Now – shapes when molding. I have always missed something. And if I lost this part of me, I would MISS IT. Just like I miss summer in January, or the taste of a cigarette after making some life changing decision. To miss. That’s me.

Milena CM – the founder and sole artist behind MISSHAPEN

to miss a line while reading long paragraphs by Dostoevsky

to miss a friend’s back when throwing a snowball at it

to miss seeing colour abstractions after closing the eyes

to miss. That’s me.
Sole artist behind MISSHAPEN
Milena CM

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